1. To pray daily at least one of the Offices of Morning or Evening Prayer.

2. To spend a definite period of time daily in private prayer and meditation.

3. To receive the Holy Communion each Sunday, and, where circumstances permit, two other times during the week.

4. To prepare for the Eucharist by prayer and fasting, and to make a thanksgiving after receiving the Holy Communion.

5. To pray daily for the Companions and the Associates.

6. To practice self-examination daily and to make a sacramental confession at least once during the year.

7. To attend a retreat of not less than one day at least, once a year.

8. To take advantage of opportunities for spiritual growth through reading, study groups, parish or diocesan program related to scripture, doctrine, and issues of concern to Christians.

9. To take on at least one tangible and on-going form of service to a person in needof ministry; and to make a yearly offering to the Congregation.

10. To report to the Director of Associates on the observance of this Rule four times a year at the Ember Seasons.

11. This Rule can be expanded in consultation with the Director of Associates.