Bishop of Mevenia. He was a disciple of St Paulinus of York, and founded twelve monasteries in Wales. He succeeded St Dubritius as Bishop of Caerleon, but removed his see to Menevia, afterwards known as ‘St David’s’ in his honour. He died on 1st March, 554.

Statuit ei Dominus testamentum pacis, et principem fecit eum: ut sit illi sacerdotii dignitas in aeternum. * Memento, Domine, David, et omnis mansuetudinis ejus.
The Lord made to him a covenant of peace, and made him a prince: that the dignity of the priesthood should be to him for ever. * O Lord, remember David: and all his meekness.
(Ecclesiasticus 45:30 and Psalm 131:1 from the Introit of Mass)  Continue Reading