Born in Northumbria, England; died at Lichfield in 673.

The Venerable Bede writes that: “King Oswy sent to Kent a holy man of modest character, well versed in the Scriptures, and practising with diligence what he had learned from them, to be ordained bishop of the church of York. . . . But when they reached Kent, they found that Archbishop Deusdedit (f.d. July 14) had departed this life and that as yet no other had been appointed in his place.

“Thereupon they turned aside to the province of the West Saxons, where Wine was bishop, and by him the above mentioned Chad was consecrated bishop, two bishops of the British nation, who kept Easter in contravention of the canonical custom from the 14th to the 20th of the moon, being associated with him, for at that time there was no other bishop in all Britain canonically ordained besides Wine.

As soon as Chad had been consecrated bishop, he began most strenuously to devote himself to ecclesiastical truth and purity of doctrine and to give attention to the practice of humility, self-denial and study: to travel about, not on horseback, but on foot, after the manner of the apostles, preaching the Gospel in the towns and the open country, in cottages, villages and castles, for he was one of Aidan’s disciples and tried to instruct his hearers by acting and behaving after the example of his master and of his brother Cedd.”  Continue Reading