Born in Trastevere, Rome in 1384 to a wealthy noble couple, St. Frances of Rome was married to Lorenso Fonziani at age 13.  They had three children and lived together for forty years in an ideal marriage.  Frances and her sister-in-law ministered to the poor of Rome and led a life of great holiness.  She reported having a vision of St. Alexis after she recovered from a serious illness.  In 1408  the antipapal forces of Ladislaus of Naples occupied Rome and they lost their fortunes.  Lorenzo was wounded during the fighting.  Again in 1410, Ladislaus seized the city and Lorenzo had to flee Rome.  More of  the family holdings were burned and looted.   Frances turned her home into a hospital when a plague hit the city.  She suffered much but continued with her holy work.  She had many visions and ecstasies, performed many miracles of healing and reportedly was guided the last twenty three years of her life by an archangel, visible only to herself.  She died in 1440.  She was canonized in 1608.