Graduation is coming up quickly.

Seminarians all around the country are frantically finishing up papers, wondering how they will re-introduce themselves to their families, and asking where the past three, four (in some cases, seven) years went?

In my senior seminar the other day, we had a great conversation about the “best books” from seminary education. And that’s one thing seminary provides, by the way, is an introduction to some of the best texts (new and old) in theology, biblical studies, church history, etc.

So I thought I’d post my “top ten” list of books every Christian seminarian should read. This is an admittedly eclectic list. It’s not a list of the “greatest theology books ever written.” Think of it as my answer to the question: “If a seminarian were to read only ten 14852480315_54f54155a5theology books very carefully and refer to them again and again, what would they be?” It’s a kind of theological curriculum in miniature (I leave out biblical studies, leadership, etc.). I must say, ten is too short for such a list. It’s a shame what must be left out.

If you haven’t read these, or some of these, during seminary, you should do so afterward. You’ll probably get more out of them by reading them afterward, anyway.

Here they are, though not in any particular order of importance: