The Companion’s Rule of Life

 1 . To say daily private prayers at morning, noon, and night.

2. To pray daily the Offices of Matins and Vespers; at least One Little Hour (at which the Memorials of the Congregation are customarily offered); and Campanile (at which the daily examination is made). The Official Breviary of the Congregation is The Monastic Diurnal Revised. When parochial needs necessitate, the Offices may be prayed according to the standard Book of Common Prayer, or by using an enhanced version of The Prayer Book Office.

3. To celebrate the Holy Eucharist each Sunday and also twice during each week at the least where circumstances permit. Instead of this, deacons shall be bound to receive the Holy Communion thrice every week at the least unless no opportunity is give to do so.

4. To make an act of preparation before celebrating Mass or receiving Holy Communion, and an act of thanksgiving afterwards.

5. To celebrate Mass and to receive the Holy Communion fasting.

6. To say grace, at least privately, before and after meals.

7. To make a meditation each day. Members shall be dispensed from this rule on any days in which they are hearing or giving a homily.

8. To spend a reasonable amount of time each week in spiritual reading and in the study of Holy Scriptures or some branch of sacred learning (Holy Week, weeks of Retreat, days occupied in travel, and times of vacation being excepted).

9. To make a daily examination of conscience and to make an act of contrition for one’s shortcomings.

10. To make a sacramental confession at least quarterly.

11. To observe the practice of fasting as set forth by the Church.

12. To attend each year one of the retreats provided by the Congregation, unless dispensed by the Master of the Congregation for grave cause-, in which latter case, to keep one day of silence and retirement, as far as may be consistent with parochial duties.

13. To make the Act of Oblation each morning, and to offer the Holy Sacrifice once each month with the intention of the Congregation. The latter part of the obligation will be fulfilled by Deacons by presenting before God the aims of the Congregation when present at a Mass.

14. To make a careful self-examination by this Rule monthly. Probationers and members shall
report their observance of the Rule to the Master or Warden monthly unless they have been able to attend a conference.

15. The official habit shall be a black cassock and the community scapular. When in street attire, a Canterbury cross lapel pin shall suffice as indicator of membership in the Congregation.


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