Bede was born in 673 in England. He is known as “the Venerable,” a Biblical scholar, and “Father of English History.”

As a Benedictine monk of Jarrow, he had a love and passion for learning. He was an erudite biblical scholar and became England’s first historian.

After being ordained priest in 703, he took up his love of writing, teaching and learning Scripture. Bede also had a fondness for singing while he engaged himself in these labours of love.

He created numerous biblical commentaries, and his workEcclesiastical History of the English Peopleis regarded by scholars as his most brilliant work.

May God bless the Church in our day with devout scholars like Bede, so that others may be brought to the fullness of the Faith.

The above painting (c. 1902) is by J.D. Penrose, and is entitled “The Venerable Bede Translates John.”