Saint Luke the Physician

Luke was a Greek physician and Gentile of Antioch. The author of the third gospel and the Book of Acts, he was also was a disciple of Paul, whom he accompanied on many a missionary journey.

His gospel narrative is unique in that it describes the birth narrative of Christ, and includes many parables emphasizing the compassion of Our Lord. St. Luke is represented by an ox, because he begins his gospel narrative by mentioning Zacharias, a priest of the Temple, who offered sacrifices to God. This ties in with Ezekiel’s vision of four animals representing the four evangelists, one of which was an ox.

The accompanying picture is a representation of a Russian Icon, and was done by long- time parishioner and artist Del Yoakum, a member of the parish who resided in Sedona, Arizona until his death. The Icon hangs in Saint Luke’s Church, together with Mr. Yoakum’s oil on canvas, entitled “The Resurrection.”

“Their sound is gone out into all lands: and their words into the ends of the world” (Ps. 19). (From the day’s gradual, page E 125, The People’s Anglican Missal).