The Congregation of the Companions of the Holy Saviour shall consist of Bishops, Priests, Deacons, and Candidates for Holy Orders who desire, by the observance of the celibate state, to conform their lives to the example of the earthly life of the Son of God. In order that our Congregation may the better accomplish any works which God may give us to do, it is of no small importance that all the Companions should be men of such stability of character and seriousness of bearing as may win the respect and confidence of their peers and superiors.

He who desires to become a member of the Congregation shall be made known to the Master. The Warden, or a member, at the next meeting shall lay before the Companions the name of the applicant, so that if any one of them knows of any disqualification, which by our Constitutions would debar such applicant from admission, he may declare the same. If any disqualification is urged against an applicant, the Master shall proceed no further, but shall reserve the matter for the judgment of the next General Chapter. At which time, if it appears that the applicant is subject to the disqualification urged against him, he shall be finally rejected, and in case of doubt whether the applicant is subject to the disqualification, the question shall be decided by a three-fourths vote of the Chapter.

But if, after the Master has heard from the Warden or other Companion, no disqualification is urged against an applicant, the Master shall give such applicant notice that he is a Probationer of the Congregation. The probationary period shall last at least one year. However, if in any case, the Master recommends shortening the probationary period, and the professed membership concurs unanimously, the Master, or someone delegated by the Master, may admit the Probationer to full membership at some time convenient, other than at Chapter. It should be understood that admission to full membership normally occurs at Chapter.

During the period of probation, the Probationer shall strive to keep the Rule of the Congregation, and shall each month, report all breaches of the Rule to the Master or Warden. If a General Chapter occurs during the probationary period, he shall be required to be in attendance, and may participate in all exercises of the Chapter, EXCEPT THE CHAPTER MEETING. He may have voice, but no vote, in the exercises of the Conference.