Thomas Becket

Thomas Becket, archbishop and martyr, was born in London about 1118 A.D. Serving under Henry II as Chancellor of England, he became the trusted friend of the king. This led the king to push for his election as archbishop.

As archbishop, Becket became very devout and treated his office with severe reverence, much to the annoyance of the king.

Thomas understood that he was responsible for the souls of all his flock, including the king’s. He thus admonished and reprimanded the king for immoral and abusive behaviour towards his subjects.

As a consequence, the king’s hateful remarks toward Becket resulted in some of the king’s soldiers murdering the archbishop in the sanctuary of Canterbury Cathedral. This caused a tremendous outcry in England and Becket was immediately recognized as a martyr and defender of the Faith.

Would that we all stand up to the “kings” of this world, when they do things contrary to the Faith.