The Sacrament of Penance (now commonly called “Reconciliation”) is the ordinary means by which the Christian soul is restored to an objective State of Grace/Habitual Grace/Sanctifying Grace. The soul must be in the State of Sanctifying Grace at the moment of death for it to be welcomed by God into Heaven (if necessary, via Purgatory for the remission of temporal punishment due to sin that has not been met prior to death.) If one dies outside of the State of Sanctifying Grace, also known as dying in a State of Mortal Sin, the possibility of Eternal Life in Heaven is lost: in other words, that person goes to Hell for eternity.

If we have any sense at all, we should earnestly strive to make a Good Sacramental Confession a frequent and integral part of our Christian life. The Church clearly states that the faithful are obligated to confess all known mortal sins at least once per year: CONTINUE READING