The best way to walk through the door of the Confessional is to regularly pray and ask the Lord to lead you there whenever you need it. Remember this, ponder this, and let this sink in all the way:

If the soul is in a state of Mortal Sin it is incapable of repenting unless God gives to the soul an Actual Grace to do so, and even then the soul must cooperate with the grace God has freely given to it out of His Divine Mercy. 

Once a soul enters into the state of mortal sin it cannot move itself toward God, for the Love of God has been extinguished within it. If God does not offer the soul an Actual Grace (a gift from God for a specific purpose, not the State of Sanctifying Grace) the soul is stuck in its sin. This is why it is so important to pray and ask God on a regular basis to keep you close to Him, even if it means repeatedly chastising you during this life; nothing is worse than ending this life in a State of Mortal Sin.  CONTINUE READING