Before anything else, a personal tale: after his broadcast of an episcopal ordination some years back, this scribe jokingly chided Fr Bob Reed that his commentary on the rites went just a bit over the top.

As Providence would have it, that won’t be happening again – not due to any words from here, but indeed, a call from above: after today, the next hat-giving Reed sees will be his own.

At Roman Noon this Friday, the Pope tapped the super-energetic impresario behind what’s now become an international CatholicTV network over cable and internet, and Fr Mark O’Connell, the widely-beloved Judicial Vicar of Boston’s office-park Chancery, as auxiliary bishops to Cardinal Seán O’Malley OFM Cap….

…and so it seems, not just the Fenway crowd will go wild when the ordination takes place on 24 August. CONTINUE READING