The Anglican Church in the Guianas is this week set to decide whether whether women should be ordained priests, but Bishop Charles Davidson deflected questions about whether the church should allow same-sex marriages.

Davidson said delegates would vote on the matter of women priests at the 145th Session of the Synod  for the Diocese of Guyana which includes Suriname and French Guiana. “It has been on the agenda for the last two or three years. I am just making sure that we take it of the agenda,” he told Demerara Waves Online News.

Reverend Davidson said it was not so much whether he would prefer to see women ordained to the priesthood, but what God is “saying to us at this particular time.” “I have worked with female priests for the last twenty years so I have no issues with working with anybody who will do God’s work,” he said.

He said traditionalists- those who believe that a woman’s place in the home- would have to “agree to disagree” with those who would like to see women priests.  “God calls all of us and empowers all of us and at some point in the life of the church our eyes are opened and we recognise that there is something we weren’t doing that we should be doing and because people are accustomed to tradition, it tends to cause uneasiness but trust God and decisions that we make prayerfully and studied, God is always with us,” he said. CONTINUE READING