A small group of conservative Anglicans will boycott the Church of England’s private talks on sexuality in a reflection of intense divides within its governing General Synod.

Three days of secret conversations begin on Sunday until Tuesday in an effort to reconcile warring factions within synod on gay relationships. But a handful will refuse to take part because they say to do so would be to admit that different positions within the Church were possible.

Christian Today understands the number boycotting the talks will be about 10, out of nearly 500.

One of that number, Charlie Skrine, told Christian Today he was part of a “large group” who “feel this is not an issue where the Church can come together and live alongside each other in a compromise”. He added within that larger group are a smaller group who “are worried unless we step back from the process we will be heard as already saying, ‘that is fine, let’s do it [accept a change on the church’s teaching on gay relationships]”. Skrine is one of the conservatives on synod who would not accept any accommodation for gay relationships within the Church. CONTINUE READING