A “culture of work” should be fostered in which work is not made an idol, the president of the Pontifical Council for the Family said in a recent talk.

Addressing a labor festival in Rome, Archbishop Vincenzo Paglia said that “work is without a doubt decisive for the dignity of the person,” but “should not become an idol on whose altar everything is sacrificed, ideals and family ties.”

He added:
“It is more necessary than ever to have a culture of work that exceeds that of simple welfarism; that helps young people to recognize the human significance of work; that accompanies every worker in seeking and defending his dignity; that is firmly opposed to illegal employment and exploiting the weak; that places this issue at the center of civil concern; and that teaches people to avoid, even in times of crisis and employment shortages, the temptation to be satisfied with inhuman conditions and wages, and with a lack of minimal conditions of safety and legality.” CatholicCulture.org