Although Margaret – also known as Saint Marina – is a person who is more legendary than historical, she is thought of as a courageous Christian woman who was martyred for preaching the Gospel during the persecutions of the Roman Emperor Diocletian.

The story of her pious life was popular in England and elsewhere in Western Europe during the Middle Ages, and provided inspiration to those engaged in rolling back the tide of the Muslim invasion of Europe.

She is invoked by women in travail, and in art (as she is in the accompanying picture) is oftentimes represented with a dragon, representing her conflict with the devil.

Margaret is truly a testimony to steadfastness in the face of danger. “The ungodly laid wait for me to destroy me: but I will consider my testimonies, O Lord: I see that all things come to an end, but thy commandment is exceeding broad.” (the day’s Introit, page F 36, People’s Anglican Missal)