Hispanic Catholics are solidly behind presumptive Democratic presidential nominee Hillary Clinton, while white Catholics are more closely split between Clinton and her presumed Republican challenger, Donald Trump.

The news comes from a poll released on July 13 by the Pew Research Center on Religion and Public Life.

According to the poll, 77 per cent of Hispanic Catholics are backing Clinton while 16 per cent support Trump, with five per cent either not sure or not saying.

White Catholics, meanwhile, shade toward Trump by a 50 per cent – 46 per cent margin, according to Pew, with four per cent undecided.

Among all Catholics, the edge goes to Clinton, 56-39, with 5 per cent undecided or not knowing who to back.

In the overall poll, according to Pew, Clinton leads Trump 51 per cent – 42 per cent.

Pew estimates that Catholics make up 20 per cent of the electorate this year, 13 per cent being white, five per cent being Hispanic, and two per cent being “other.” CONTINUE READING