The archbishop was asked by a child who would win if Pope Francis went head to head with him.

If you could ask Archbishop Justin Welby any question, whether or not he could win a fight against Pope Francis would probably not be top of your list.

But that’s exactly what a young child asked when then Archbishop of Canterbury attended the Greenbelt Festival.

Rather than dismiss the boy, Archbishop Welby gave him an answer: “For a lot of reasons, the Pope would (win). He’s got a bigger stick than me. He’s got a bigger hat then me. He’s bigger then me. He’s better than me.”

The archbishop also said that when he first met the Pope, he was teased by him. Talking about their meeting the archbishop said: “[The Pope] looked at me and said: ‘I’m senior to you.’ He was winding me up but I thought he was being serious. I said, ‘Of course you are’, because I was terrified. And he said, it was because he’d started on the Thursday and I started on the Saturday, ‘by two days’.”  CONTINUE READING