It’s no secret that a dissident group of disaffected feminists, while claiming to be ‘faithful’ Catholics, are hard at work in remaking the priesthood in their own image and likeness.  They operate through heretical organizations like Future Church, the American Catholic Council, Call to Action, Voice of the Faithful, and the Women’s Ordination Conference, and they enjoy the publicity given them by feckless and heterodox publications like America Magazine, Commonweal, US Catholic, and especially the condemned National Catholic Reporter.

Over the years, those cheerleading the effort for women’s ordination to the priestesshood have been set on the fringe, eventually leaving the Church in order to attempt the ordinations that are not only excommunicable offenses, but are completely impossible.  But today, the effort is finding renewed vigor through the efforts of their new champion, Dr. Phyllis Zagano. CONTINUE READING