What is the secret to happiness?

It’s a simple question and yet the answer so often eludes us. In today’s highly materialistic, hypersexualized, and unapologetically self-centered culture the answer given is usually relativistic. After all, isn’t it likely that your definition of happiness might differ significantly from mine?

Of course, this is not what our Catholic faith teaches.

Far from some amorphous concept that differs for each of us, the Church has consistently taught the same answer…and it’s the same answer for everyone.

Turning to the very first lesson of the Baltimore Catechism, that foundational resource for pre-Vatican 2 Catholic formation, we read:

  • God made us to show forth His goodness and to share with us His everlasting happiness in heaven.
  • To gain the happiness of heaven we must know, love, and serve God in this world.

Now here’s a question for you:  Does your child know this?

If they don’t, you better make sure you teach them.  CONTINUE READING