In this piece, Christian Concern’s Communications Officer, Camilla Olim, discusses the news that some Church of England parishes are preparing for a possible schism.

This week, the Telegraph reported that several parishes are preparing for what could eventually be a formal split from the Church of England, over growing concerns about the diluting of its teaching on marriage and other core biblical beliefs, including the authority of Scripture.

Although those organising the initiative have stated they do not wish to leave the Church of England and have no immediate plans to break away, it is entirely possible that this will be the outcome.

Rev Dr Gavin Ashenden illustrated on Archbishop Cranmer’s website that there are some cases where leaving the metaphorical ‘house’ is vital for survival, because compromise is so pervasive that it has damaged its very foundations.

At the Greenbelt festival last weekend, the Archbishop of Canterbury told an audience that he is “consumed with horror” at the way LGBT people have been treated in the church. But the questions he needs to answer are whether those in same-sex relationships are treated well, by being told that God blesses their same-sex relationship? Or whether it is loving to allow them to continue a lifestyle that does not honour God and separates us from intimacy with Him?  CONTINUE READING