[Gavin Drake, Anglican Ink]  The Archbishop of Canterbury’s representative to the Holy See and director of the Anglican Centre in Rome (ACR), Archbishop David Moxon, is to retire in June next year after four years in the post. Archbishop Justin Welby and the governors of the ACR have begun the search for an Anglican bishop to succeed him for the combined post, which has been dubbed “the Archbishop of Canterbury’s Spymaster General.”

“We have indeed been fortunate to have Archbishop Sir David Moxon as director of the centre for the past four years, and concurrently as my representative to the Holy See,” Archbishop Justin Welby said. “David’s experience as a Primate, and uniquely, in his case, as Anglican co-chair of ARCIC, has strengthened the centre’s standing and profile enormously.

“Building on the excellent work of his predecessor, David has pioneered joint work on practical social ethical issues. He has strengthened links with the Papal household through a number of events where he has accompanied the Holy Father in blessing the faithful of all churches. His work stands his successor in good stead to build further.”

A spokesperson for the ACR governors sad that “replacing Archbishop David Moxon involves finding an Anglican bishop with the experience and stature required to represent the Archbishop of Canterbury at this opportune time in Anglican – Roman Catholic relationships.

“The post-holder acts as a two way ambassador between the Vatican and both the Archbishop of Canterbury and the wider Anglican Communion. The post-holder is also the director of the Anglican Centre in Rome and, as a consequence, the role is multi-layered, binding together ambassadorial, educational, pastoral and interpretive elements. CONTINUE READING