Before we point fingers at those who are protesting the results of the most recent election, all of us in the pro-life community must begin with some reflection.

Eight years ago, when abortion-proponent Barack Obama won the White House, the pregnancy help community took our grievances to the streets. We smashed windows. We stopped traffic. We sought to overturn the results.

Ummm, no. We did not. In the days after the 2008 elections, we went back to work to serve those who needed us most. We had no time for “taking it to the streets” (with all due respect to the 1976 song by Michael McDonald and the Doobie Brothers).

Such is not the case for Planned Parenthood today. Apparently, the abortion giant has plenty of time on its hands, and plenty of money.

It seems Planned Parenthood’s Community Outreach Group was paying for protestors to go full Stompy Feet over the election of Donald Trump. If you are interested in making up to $1,600 per week, Planned Parenthood needs you to go outside, wail and bewail, hold up a sign and perhaps destroy property (is there a bonus for that?) in an effort to keep its federal funding.

Yes, it’s true. Through Craig’s List, Planned Parenthood’s own social action organization was soliciting protestors to “stop Donald Trump.”  CONTINUE READING