Cardinal Raymond Burke, the most highly visible of the four cardinal-authors of the dubia, appears intent on letting Francis know that two can play the media interview game – the same of which he and his henchmen (like Fr. Spadaro) are so obviously fond.

This strikes me as similar to what, in sports, is called “playing to the level of one’s competition.” Sometimes, this means elevating one’s play in order to engage a superior opponent, but all-too-often it entails the exact opposite.

With respect to Burke v. Bergoglio, on a visceral level, I must admit that it’s somewhat satisfying to witness Francis being made to stare down the barrel of his own preferred weapon of choice.

At the end of the day, however, such gamesmanship is unbecoming a churchman; especially when matters of grave importance, such as those addressed in the dubia, are being confronted. CONTINUE READING