By Linda Massarella, New York Post

A NEW York woman who levitated six inches off the ground, mysteriously spoke in foreign languages and demonstrated paranormal powers made medical history in 2008 because a panel of doctors agreed she was possessed by the devil.

In presenting the case of “Julia” in the New Oxford Review, board certified psychiatrist Dr. Richard Gallagher cautioned that religious practitioners should be on alert for what he called a “rapidly growing worldwide phenomenon.”

Mr Gallagher’s warning was on point, say exorcists, who claim there are now so many devils out there, the Vatican can’t recruit enough exorcists to chase them away.

Father Vincent Lampert, the head priest at St. Malachy’s in Indianapolis, Indiana, reports he was one of about 400 Catholic leaders who met in Rome in October to strategise on how to recruit and train more exorcists in the dark arts, which uses holy water and prayer to combat evil.

The situation is dire, he said, because rampant pornography, illegal narcotic use and the occult has made it easier for Satan to cast his net.

“Exorcism is like triage. We’re the emergency crew — but there aren’t enough of us,” Mr Lampert told the New York Post.

Mr Lampert — who says he recently chased a demon out of a parishioner who was cursed by his girlfriend’s mother — said he was one of about a dozen priests representing the US at the International Association of Exorcists conference, a Vatican-sanctioned retreat.

“We’re in a fight with drugs, the occult, pornography,” he explained. “This is an entry point for evil and we need to take these souls back.”CONTINUE READING