We threw the baby out with the bathwater when we kicked the monarchy out of America, and we ought to bring it back. To be clear, I do not mean the sort of hereditary tyrants who rule North Korea, Saudi Arabia, or the New York Yankees. Rather, I’d like for us to get one of those cute, ornamental throne warmers the Europeans trot around to cut ribbons at events.

In America we’ve combined power and reverence in the office of the presidency, but legal authority and veneration compliment each other about as well as Scotch and back pain medication. It’s safer to ingest them separately.

Consider Britain: their head of state is a 90-year-old woman who wears flower pots on her head and appears to be married to a vampire. Their head of government is an entirely different woman named Theresa May. Britons hold Queen Elizabeth in high esteem, while simultaneously despising or barely tolerating their prime minister. Englishmen never really like their leaders, even when they voted for them; conservatives make fun of May and David Cameron, just as liberals kicked around Gordon Brown and Tony Blair. CONTINUE READING