11 APRIL 2017

The Annual Chapter meeting of the Congregation of the Companions of the Holy Saviour was held on 11 April 2017 at 6:00 pm in the Rectory of Saint Alban Church, Mount Wolf, Pennsylvania. The Chapter was convened by The Rt. Rev’d Barry E. Yingling, CSSS, and conducted over two sessions, one with the following present, and a follow-up telephone meeting between Bishop Yingling and the only other Companion, Father Justin Falciani. Present on 11 April were, in addition to Bishop Yingling, The Rev’d Deacon Brian Johnson, A.CSSS and Robert and Nan Gould, A.CSSS.

As noted in the announcement calling the Chapter, an annual meeting has not been held for over a decade, the Father Master, The Rev’d Robert Hufford has been unavailable for more than that period, and another of the Companions, Father Richard Winn, died this year. That meant that Bishop Yingling and Father Falciani were the only two remaining Companions.

During the first portion of the Chapter, Bishop Yingling requested input from the three Associates present. During the discussion it was recommended that:

  1. The Congregation of the Companions of the Holy Saviour should be reorganized under the jurisdiction of the United Anglican Church.
  2. Father Hufford should be officially removed from his position as Father Master and as an annually vowed Companion, specifically for having abandoned the Order.
  3. We should pursue re-incorporation of the Order in the Commonwealth of Pennsylvania, unless it is determined that it is already incorporated there. We should also attempt to recover any assets of the Order from any sources. (N.B. Since there exists a Federal identification number, previous incorporation is assumed.)
  4. Bishop Keith Ackerman should remain as the Episcopal Visitor of the Order.
  5. The definition of “Companion” should be revised to allow married, chaste men to take vows to be such. Throughout the Constitution and Rules, revisions are to be made allowing for “celibate/chaste” Companions.
  6. Companions and Associates should be permitted from Anglican jurisdictions both in communion with the See of Canterbury or not. (N.B. the Archbishops of Canterbury and York both recently decided that the ordination of those in the Anglican Church in North America are valid.)

During the subsequent telephone meeting between Bishop Yingling and Father Falciani, these items and the following were approved:

  1. The Official Breviary of the Order is The Anglican Breviary, allowing for the use of The Book of Common Prayer, The Monastic Diurnal, or any other enhanced Prayer Book Office.
  2. Bishop Yingling becomes the Father Master of the Order, while Father Falciani becomes the Vice Master and Warden of the Philadelphia Conference.
  3. The use of the community scapular by Companions is optional.
  4. The Memorial Booklet will be revised to reflect changes from this Chapter, as well as the removal of Father Hufford and the presumed deaths of Father Winn and Father Leonard Sorvillo, an Associate.

The official address of the Order is:
The Congregation of the Companions of the Holy Saviour
41 South Main Street
PO Box 796
Mount Wolf, Pennsylvania 17347

Respectfully submitted,

The Rt. Rev’d Barry Eugene Yingling, CSSS
Father Master